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Daily Prayer from Home


Week Beginning Monday 23rd March 2020

Welcome to your new ‘Prayer at Home’ resource!


This week's Gospel tells of a man who was born blind receiving miraculous healing after an encounter with Jesus: the story helps us to reflect on how Jesus restores both physical and spiritual sight.


The blind man who was healed came openly and honestly to Jesus, and so was able to see Jesus as He truly is, the Son of God. However, the religious leaders of the time, the Pharisees, were more concerned with their own dogma and failed to see the true Jesus.

This week's prayers help children to know that they can come to Jesus openly and honestly and share all their questions, hopes and fears. As they do this, they will be invited to recognise how Jesus is at work in every moment of their lives.

Daily Prayers - 30th March 2020

A New Normal

Welcome to the second week of your new ‘Prayer at Home’ resource!

The message of this week’s Gospel is that like Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, we too can be raised to new life through belief in God.

The prayers create space for children to reflect on their ‘new normal’ – albeit a temporary one – and understand that as Christians, we can always know a new normal because we are always offered forgiveness and a fresh start when we ask.

Daily Prayers - 6th April 2020

Holy Week

On Palm Sunday, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding a donkey and greeted by crowds shouting, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David!’ By Good Friday, the same crowds were calling for Him to be crucified. This ‘Holy Week’ is the final week of Lent which takes us to Easter Sunday, the most important event in the Church calendar.

This week, our prayers focus on the last supper that disciples ate with Jesus, and help children to prepare for Easter.

Daily Prayers - week commencing 20th April - Bring New Life

This week, the Gospel tells us how the disciples, afraid and alone, shut themselves in a room together. The risen Jesus came to them in their isolation and brought them peace, courage and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This week’s prayers help children to understand that they are not alone: that Jesus rose from the dead and He sees them. He is at work, bringing about renewal to the world and new life to each of us.

Daily Prayers - week commencing 27th April - Secret Jesus

This week's Gospel shows how Jesus walked with two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus on Easter Sunday. In the Gospel, we hear descriptions of all the ways Jesus shows His love, care and attention to them. Even so, it is not until near the end of the passage that the disciples actually recognise that it is Jesus - when He breaks the bread and shares it with them.

Jesus 'secretly' showed His love by walking with them, asking how they were, explaining Scripture to them, spending time with them and giving them the confidence to return to Jerusalem and tell the other disciples about meeting the risen Jesus.

This week's prayers help children to look for ways that they can be like Jesus this week and 'secretly' show their love and care to others. While we are isolated at home this is a beautiful way to be creative with our relationships, so you might like to use these prayers as a family.

Each day, children are invited to choose a particular way to 'secretly' show the love of Jesus to those they live with. Perhaps in the evening, you can share as a family the ways you think you were all showing Jesus' love to each other.

Daily Prayers - week commencing 4th May - I shall not want

This week's prayers help children to reflect on how shepherds help the sheep in their care. By exploring this, and by recognising that Jesus is our ‘Good Shepherd’, children are encouraged to think about how following Him helps us live our life to the full. Each day, children are given the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, provides us with:

Monday – Food
Tuesday – Guidance
Wednesday – Help
Thursday – Shelter
Friday – Community
Saturday – All of these things

Daily Prayers - 11th May 2020 - You Were Like Me

The daily prayers for this week help children to relate to God in a personal, fun and tangible way. The prayer allows children to think of God not as a distant figure in the sky, but as a personal God who came down to earth and walked and talked just like we do!

The prayers for each day are the same: a litany of 12 prayers and actions. Adults can encourage children to follow the actions by joining in themselves! The prayers naturally conclude with a more reflective tone, so please encourage children to close their eyes and reflect at the appropriate moment during the prayer time.

Daily Prayers - 18th May, Make Me Hopeful

In this week’s Gospel we hear about Jesus’ preparation to return to heaven. Even as He tells the disciples that He is about to leave them, He reassures them that He is not leaving them alone. This reassurance and His resurrection are the reasons we can be hopeful.

Hope is the theme of our prayers this week and we take encouragement through the words of Pope Francis.

Daily Prayers - 1st June, Fill Our Hearts

Sunday 31st May was Pentecost Sunday; the time when we remember Jesus sending the disciples His Holy Spirit. In receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were inspired with joy to go out into the world and make Jesus known. The Holy Spirit is what encourages and inspires us to do good.

The theme of this week’s daily prayers is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Taking a little of the traditional prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ each day, children will come to understand what the prayer means.

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