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St Pauls Travel Plan


Why have a travel plan?

A School Travel Plan is a practical plan used by our school to manage our travel issues. The main aims are:

  • To reduce the number of vehicle trips to the school site by encouraging and/or developing alternative travel options
  • To raise awareness about travel issues such as air pollution and road safety

Parents' Good Drive Code

In the interest of child safety, consideration to others and good neighbourliness to those living near the school, we ask all parents to follow this simple code when driving their children to and from school in a vehicle. 

  • NEVER stop or park on the yellow lines or zigzag marked areas outside the school.
  • Unless there is a special need, please do not ask to drive in to the school grounds as parking spaces are limited. 
  • Try to arrive well before school starts to minimise the danger to children who walk and cross the road. 
  • Do not park on the grass verges or across driveways as we do get complaints from local residents. 
  • Ask yourself, "Is it really necessary to drive my children to school today?" A little exercise is good for everyone. 

Remember: An accident avoided could be your child's life saved!


Travel Policy

Five Minute Walk Awareness

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