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Our Class Saint

Our Class Saint is St Anthony. He had a book of sacred songs in which he'd written his own personal notes. A young novice from his complex of buildings decided to leave the order. As he was leaving, he stole Anthony's book. Anthony prayed for it to be returned. Some time later the missing novice returned to the order and asked to be taken back in, and returned Anthony's book. This was deemed a miracle. Anthony died in Padua, Italy. After his death, because of that incident, people prayed to Anthony when they had lost something or had it stolen. Some of them got their things back. Those were also deemed "miracles." They are what got him sainthood. Our feast day is 13th June. Please click here to find out more information about our Class Saint. https://stpauls-herts.secure-dbprimary.com/herts/primary/stpauls/site/pages/religiouseducation/classsaints/year1classsaint




Our learning in the Autumn Term

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Welcome back to a new class and a new school year. I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing holiday. This term promises to be very busy and exciting. The children are settling in very well and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

In the Autumn term we will be learning lots of new things. Here are some of the things we will be learning.

RE- During the autumn term we will be looking at the Domestic churches: Family/Families: God’s love and care for every family. We will be exploring how God is the loving parent of the human family and Jesus was born and lived in a human family.

We will then move onto Baptism/confirmation: Belonging and how Baptism an invitation to belong to god’s family. We will be exploring how Christians believe that everyone is invited to share in the life and work of God through Baptism. The Bible recounts God’s invitations to people to share in his life and work: among them Moses, Samuel, the prophets, Mary and the apostles.

After the half term we will continue to look at Baptism/confirmation: Belonging depending our understanding. We will move into studying Judaism looking at different beliefs and festivals. We will end the term with Advent/Christmas: Loving and Waiting: Advent a time to look forward to Christmas.

English- In English this term we will be looking at variety of different fiction stories including Stanley’s stick, Mr Big and Gruffalo crumble. We will be reading the stories and exploring different elements. We will be learning to write successful sentences including full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. We will be partaking in role play to help us imagine different scenarios and create sentences verbally before writing them down. We will be sounding out words within our sentence to ensure we are using our phonic knowledge to support our writing. We will be creating our own version of Stanley’s Stick and making books adding illustrations. We will then move onto non-fiction texts beginning to convey information and ideas in simple non-narrative forms. We will join two clauses in a sentence using the co-ordinating conjunction ‘and’.

Phonics We will be doing daily phonics sessions to prepare children for their phonics screening in the spring term. We will concentrate on a variety of sounds and high frequency words within these sessions.

Mathematics In maths we will be covering:

·      Positional language and ordinal numbers.

·      Numbers to ten and finding patterns

·      Counting and comparing (more, less and fewer)

·      Estimating

·      Regrouping

·      Problem solving

·      Recognising 2D and 3D shapes and their properties

Science - Our first topic is called ‘Animal Antics’. We will be identifying and naming a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will then move onto ‘Plants’ were we will look at the four seasons and what changes we notice. We will look Identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowers.

After the half term our topic will be ‘sensing seasons’. In this topic we will continue to observe changes across the four seasons however we will focus on describing weather and how day lengths vary in the different seasons.

Computing - In Computing our first topic is ‘Online Safety & Exploring Purple Mash’. In this topic we will learn to login safely to the computer and introduce the children to the idea of ownership of their creative work by saving and revisiting. E-safety will be taught throughout each lesson.

Geography - In Geography this term we will be learning about the geography of our local area. We will investigate what geography is about and where in the United Kingdom we live. We will discover the impact humans have on the environment. We will plan a map of our school and local area including a key.

History - After half term we will move onto history and our key question will be ‘Why is the history of my locality so important?’ We will explore the history of our local area using Cheshunt park as key element. We will discover different people who were important in our local area and why they impacted on today’s history.

Art - This half of the term we will focus on Art. We will be looking at the artist Wassily Kandinsky. We will be developing a wide range of techniques using colour, pattern, and space. We will then continue the term by looking at the work of a range of artists making links to their own work.

D&T - After half term we will move onto design and technology. We will be focusing on food technology and thinking about different ways we can prepare food safely. The skills we will learn are to cut, peel or grate ingredients safely and hygienically. We will assemble or cook healthy ingredients.

Music - All the learning this half term will be focused around one song: Hey You! - a Hip Hop song for children. The children will learn to Listen & Appraise. We will be completing a range of different musical activities such as:

·      Warm-up Games (including vocal warm-ups)

·      Learn to Sing the Song

·      Play Instruments with the Song

·      Improvise with the Song Compose with the Song

In Autumn 2 All the learning will be focused around two songs: Rhythm In The Way We Walk (Reggae style) and The Banana Rap (Hip Hop style). We will be learning to sing the song using a vocal warm up to begin the session.

P.E - Our PE lessons will be on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The children will be allowed to attend school in their PE kits on these days. We will be doing dance this half term and gymnastics after half term.

Home Learning

Thank you for the continued support of your child at home; it is invaluable. Providing a quiet and calm environment for them to complete their homework helps to secure their progress and reinforces the work we do in class.

  • Read at home with your child every day, asking questions where possible.
  • Practice number bonds to 10 and 20.
  • Practice phonics sounds whenever possible.
  • Use resources on the class page to practice key skills.

If you have any questions, however big or small, or concerns please do not hesitate to come and see me or drop me an email on the class email address. 


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