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Year 2 Team - Mrs Allen, Ms Costanzo and Miss Evans

Our Class Saint is Moses.

St Moses was an ascetic monk and priest in Egypt in the fourth century AD, and a notable Desert Father. According to stories about him, he converted from a life of crime to one of asceticism.


Our feast day is August 28th


For more information on our class saint please visit our class Religious Education page at;



Our Learning In Autumn

English - In Literacy this term we will be exploring 6 different books and a range of skills, including: questioning, sequencing events, poetry, sentence writing, vocabulary development and drama.

Maths - For this term, we will be focusing on supporting children’s transition back to school and ensuring we are covering gaps missed due to lock-down. This term we will be learning about: Counting to 100, place value, equal and unequal, comparison and measure, Mental calculation and time.

RE - For this term we will be looking at a range of topics, starting with looking at our new class Saint – Saint Moses. Other topics we will explore include: the story of creation, Baptism, Advent and preparations.

Science and foundation subjects – Our topic for the first half term is Kenya. We will be exploring many different areas of Kenya, including: African Music, patterns, animals, habitats, textiles and key physical and humans features.

PSHE - In our PSHE lessons, we will explore these together, support the children with the transition back to school and coping with difficult emotions they may have felt or are feeling about the current situation.

Home Learning

At home, in order to help support your child there are a few simple things you could do:

  • Read at home with your child every day, asking questions where possible
  • Practice the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Learn weekly spelling
  • Practice phonics sounds whenever possible
  • Use resources on the class page to practice key skills.

Home Learning extra resources


In maths, we have been learning about capacities and making estimations. We used cups to measure how much capacities different containers could hold. 



In science, we have been learning about materials. We needed to find out what material we should use to make a pair of trainers. We investigated the bounce and grip of wood, fabric and rubber. The children decided we needed to keep the shoe and the height the shoe was dropped the same to keep it a fair test. We made a prediction of which material we thought had the best bounce and which material had the best grip.  


Learning in Year 2 across the Wider Curriculum!