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Welcome to the Year 4 page

In Year 4 the teachers are Mrs McFadyen and Miss Grehan

This half term!

TWe will be covering a range of topics and areas of the curriculum and it would be helpful if you could support your child at home to learn even more!


In English we will using 2 focus texts; 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' and 'The King who banned the Dark'. Whilst looking at these text we will be creating characters, trying to make our writing more exciting by ensuring that we are using a range of conjunctions for example; and, but, while, because and after. We will be using prepositions; under, next to, in front of as well to give more information to the reader. We will be thinking of questions about the text and trying to understand why the author has used words in settings in the context of the book. We will also be developing our vocabulary throughout these units. 


Maths for this half term is all about number and place value. We are looking at rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Recognising the position of numbers and therefore their value as well as adding and subtracting using the formal method. In Year 4, the children start to find their own ways of being able to tackle problems and become more confident at a few strategies. We will of course be developing out timestables skills as we have our test at the end of the year. 


Our science topic this half term is all about 'Living things in their environment.' We will be looking at classifying and what they means as well as questions that will support us with our enquiries. We will be going outside to find out what is in the world around us. During this topic we will be looking at grouping information, classifying and using our information in enquiries. 


Our topic for geography this term is 'Earthquakes' We have already begun this and the children are very excited. We will be learning about where they happen and why, the different types of earthquakes, how earthquakes are measured and record as well the devastation they can cause. 


Being a Catholic school RE is very important to us and this half term we are learning about where Jesus came from and his family. We are learning about different family members, why they were important and God decided to give them the role he did. We will then be looking at 'Belonging' which is where we will be learning about Baptism and Confirmation. During this we will recognise that we are all part of God's family and that he is important. 


In French we are learning about school and school subjects. We will then work on being able to say short phrases using what we have learnt. 


For music we are going to have a year long workshop. During this we will be learning to play a cornet we hope to be able to share this with you later in the year. 


In PE we are working on our hitting skills with a net involved. We are therefore looking at badminton. For this we are lucky enough to have Badminton England in to support us and teach us how to play the game correctly. We are also looking at gymnastics and will be learning to do different rolls, jumps and balances. We will then put this into a sequence. 

Home learning 

  • Please try and read every day with your child and sign their readign record so we can see they are reading. 10-15 minutes is all it needs to be. 
  • Mathletics homework will be set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Wednesday.
  • Spellings - Your child will recieve their spellings on a Thursday with the test the following Thursday.
  • Purple Mash maybe used from time to time to set additional work. You will be notified via MarvellousMe.

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Incase you were unable to attend or want further information. Please find the Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 presentation. 

Multiplication check

Towards the end of Year 4 the children will have a multiplication check. This check covers timetables upto 12 x 12. It is therefore important that the children know their timestables quickly. Below is a link that can support with this.

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