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Welcome to the Year 4 page for the 20/21 School year.


Welcome to Year 4 and a new school year.  This letter will highlight the main aspects of the topics your child will be covering this autumn term. 


During autumn term, we will be looking at the Domestic Church: Family- People: This Topics learning outcomes are Exploring our family trees, Revealing the family of God in Scripture. We will then move onto Baptism followed by Advent/Christmas.


In English this term we will be looking at the book Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton. Each term is book-based and is intended to address a key skill. The plans include opportunities for reading, writing and spoken language development, with a recurring emphasis on the development of one aspect of key learning relating to the grammar Programme of Study. The plans allow for exploration of prior learning to ensure that the key skill is developed upon strong foundational knowledge.


In Maths we will develop our mental maths skills everyday with various activities.  These are the concepts we will be covering:

  • Place Value: Order and compare numbers beyond 1000
  • Rounding, Estimation and magnitude
  • Securing Addition and Subtraction mental fluency
  • Formal written addition and subtraction fluency
  • Counting in multiples of 6,7,9,25 and 1000
  • Multiplication and division facts
  • Factor pairs, integer scaling and correspondence problems.


The first topic we are learning is called ‘Our Changing World’. Here we will describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals, observe changes over time, carry out comparative and fair tests and explain which variables need to be controlled and why.We will then move 'onto In a State' (Solids, Liquids and Gases, Change of state,Water Cycle).


This term we will be exploring ‘Coding’. During this topic we will learn:-

To use selection in coding with the ‘if/else’ command.

To understand and use variables in 2Code.

To use flowcharts for design of algorithms including selection.

To use the ‘repeat until’ with variables to determine the repeat.

To learn about and use computational thinking terms decomposition and abstraction


For history this term we are researching the Romans, and answering the question: How did the arrival of the Romans change Britain?


For Geography this term, we will be learning about Earthquakes. Answering the question: Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?


This term, we are exploring LS Lowry. We will improve the mastery of art and design techniques and learn about great artists, architects and designers in history.


This is a six-week Unit of Work. All the learning in this unit is focused around one song:

Mamma Mia by ABBA - A timeless Pop song from the 70s. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with the well-known song Mamma Mia, children will listen and appraise more ABBA hits.


This year PE is on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit worn to school on the day of their lesson.  For outdoor PE they should wear trainers, a navy or royal blue tracksuit, shorts will be allowed in warm weather.  For indoor PE they should wear their yellow t-shirt and navy shorts


Spellings will be given out on Tuesday and will be tested the following Tuesday.

Reading is encouraged every night and it is very important to listen and ask your child questions about the text they are reading because this helps to develop their comprehension. 

It is also important for your child to learn their multiplications and be able to answer them in any order (this also includes division).  As well, asking them mental questions to help with their addition and subtraction would be an asset.

(Eg. 29 + 45 = 74, double 34, halve 78, 63 + __ = 100, etc.)

Homework will be given out on Wednesday and collected in on the following Wednesday.  Homework will be set on Purple Mash. Please ask me if you need a login name.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Oade


Keep checking in for further updates.

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