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Welcome to the Year 4 page

In Year 4 the teachers are Mrs McFadyen and Miss Grehan

This half term!

This half term we will be covering a range of topics and areas of the curriculum and it would be helpful if you could support your child at home to learn even more!


During this half term, we will be looking at the story ‘Fly Eagle Fly.’ From this we will be covering a variety of skills. We will be writing a diary, description and recount as well as use different prepositions and chose words for a purpose. Later on in the term, we will be looking at poetry and gathering vocabulary for our own poems.


During maths this term, we will be looking continue to look at time. After, we will move on to look at discrete and continuous data through bar charts and line graphs. We will answer questions about the information as well. Then we will touch upon Roman numerals in preparation for Year 5.


In science, we are continuing to study and investigate 'Animals including humans.' During this topic, we will be continuing to investigate what happens in the digestive tract system. We will then move on to investigate food chains and classify animals. Finally, we will look at how environmental changes affect living things.


During our history topic, we are asking ‘What did the Vikings want in Britain and how did Alfred help to stop them getting it?’ We will look at the similarities and differences between Anglo Saxon and Viking homes/ ways of life, finding out who Alfred the Great was and what he did and find out about long boats and why they were important to the Vikings.


Being a Catholic school RE is very important to us and this half term we are learning about reconciliation and how we can build bridges between God and ourselves and through our friendships. We will then move on to learn about the ‘Universal Church’ and how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


In French we are learning about 'weather.' We will then work on being able to say short phrases using what we have learnt. 


For music, we are going to continue our year long workshop. During this we will be continuing to play a cornet and will put on a performance towards the end of the year so look out for the date! 


During our art topic we are going to be looking at ‘Sculptures.’ This topic means each week we will be making something, so please keep an eye out for reminders. Currently, it would be great if you could collect bottles (for maracas), pot with lids (to make drums) and bottle tops (for an art work.) We are also hoping to go to the Henry Moore Museum and look at his sculptures in July.  

Home learning 

  • Please try and read every day with your child and sign their reading record so we can see they are reading and that their book needs changing. 10-15 minutes is all it needs to be. 
  • Mathletics homework will be set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Wednesday.
  • Spellings - Your child will receive their spellings on a Thursday with the test the following Thursday.
  • Purple Mash -  Purple Mash maybe used from time to time to set additional work. You will be notified via MarvellousMe.
  • Please continue to use TTRS regularly in preparation for the multiplication check (See link below)

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you for your continued support!


Incase you were unable to attend or want further information. Please find the Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 presentation. 

Multiplication check

In June the children will have a multiplication check. This check covers timetables upto 12 x 12. It is therefore important that the children know their timestables quickly. Below are some links that can support with this. Also, when you go on to Purple Mash there is a game which is for multiplication and is set out how the multiplication test will be. You can also Google the test and other examples of the test structure are available. Below is the link for guidance on the check. 

Knowledge Organisers

Here at St Paul's we use Knowledge Organisers. These are banks of information that will support you child during a topic. Please use these to develop your child's knowledge, for extra information about what we are doing and for when your child is working from home. On each one are the skills that we teach the children in that topic. 


English is very important to us. That's why we have 'Book Strings.' A set of age appropriate but challenging books in our class. We also have a poem every week that we use in class to develop our vocabulary. Some of the poems are covered over several weeks as they are longer or we take part of the poem. In Year 4 we also  encourage a love of reading. 

Please remember to read as often as possible at home. You can encourage your child by;

  • Read while you are out and about – There are many opportunities to read when you are out in the car, taking a walk or shopping in town.
  • Encourage your child to help you by reading signs and guiding the way.
  • Read yourself! It’s great for your child to see you as a reader too! This could be anything from books, letters and e-mails to receipts,newspapers and magazines.
  • Visit your library – it’s free to join! As well as visit your library taking out story books, use visits to the library as a time to find books about your child’s hobbies and interests.
  • Make time to read - Set aside a time for reading for the family – after school or before bedtime. Encourage independent reading but don’t be afraid to still tell a bedtime story. Bedtime stories create a feeling of security and love and make happy memories that we remember when we are older.
  • Don’t just read books - Variety is great! Encourage your child to read newspapers, TV guides, comics, poems, shopping lists, road signs and magazines. Ask your child to find out information from the Yellow Pages, the Internet, cookery books, etc.
  • Let your child read with younger children –Encourage them to read to other members of the family.
  • Talk about what they are reading. –Make time to discuss what they like or don’t like about the book they are reading.
  • Sharing Books - Sharing a book with a child, no matter how old, is fun! It is a time for closeness. 


Here are some prayers we use in our class.

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