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Our ECO Warriors

Eco Club

Eco club is made up of children from reception to year 6 whose aim is to improve the environment and help make a cleaner world for us to live in and safe energy . This club is a means by which students can organize themselves to learn more and also take action to improve their immediate environment.

Have a look at our 'Eco Club' membership cards

Our special Eco Warriors have designed their own badges to wear when undertaking important Eco club duties. When you see an Eco Warrior around school ask them what their aims are for the week.


Waste awareness assembly

We learnt about the effect waste has on our envitemnt. We disccessed different ways we can reduce, reuse, recyle. We learnt how to reclye effective and sorted items into the correct box. 

Save Our Planet

We created posters reminding people around the school to turn off any electricals when leaving a room. This is to save electrcity and save our planet. 

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