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Reception Team- Miss Richardson and Mrs Sorce

In Reception we carry on all the excellent learning that has happened in our Nursery.  We also have a number of children that come from a wide range of nurseries and preschools in the local area, this gives the opportunity for children to build on old friendships but make some new ones too!  We become our own Reception team and work to look after each other and our fabulous school. 

Through play and with the support of adults in the class, children explore and discover ideas, skills and concepts. The children are encouraged to be problem solvers and may repeat ideas they have thought of to build on knowledge, the children are fabulous at thinking of new ways to do things! 

As well as learning through play and child initiated activities, the children also work closely with the adults through adult directed activities.  We introduce new skills to build on or teach the children some new facts about a subject.   The most important factor is to create an exciting and engaging curriculum and foster that love for learning.  If we can do this in Foundation we can take this attitude through to the rest of our school life!  

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