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Our Aims and Visions

Our Vision

The family of St Paul’s Catholic Primary follows in the footsteps of Christ and is built on the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our vision is that St Paul’s is an inspirational school where all love to learn and grow in the blessed family of Christ.

Through creating a stimulating learning experience, our children will become confident, independent and resilient with a social conscience for their journey through life. They will develop skills alongside knowledge to equip them to thrive in an increasingly complex and changing world.

We place the children at the centre of all we do in school, ensuring we enable children to grow into confident, capable and caring individuals. Give children a happy and stimulating environment where the values of Christ are at the centre of our daily lives. This means developing children who have strong moral values, achieve high academic standards, are socially and emotionally literate and who are creative and forward thinking.

Our Aims

Every child counts, every moment matters.

At St Paul’s School we aim to provide a Catholic education of the highest quality rooted firmly in the Roman Catholic tradition where:

  • all members of our community are provided with opportunities to develop their spiritual, moral, academic, physical and social potential,
  • all members of our community are equally valued and their achievements celebrated,
  • all members of our community share their gifts with each other and realise their potential as unique individuals.

In order to fulfil these aspirations, we seek to:

  • create an environment where the Catholic life of the School is brought alive by religious teaching and the regular experience of prayer and worship,
  • establish an atmosphere of acceptance where all can find recognition of their particular faith journey,
  • set expectations to aspire for the highest standards of learning and behaviour, developing an enquiry mind and a life-long love of learning.
  • build a strong and caring school community inspired and rooted by Gospel values through service to others,
  • develop a strong and close relationship between school, home, parish and the wider world, enabling each child to become a caring, responsible, active member of the community
  • Spend 10% of curriculum time as RE.
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